Our primary focus is to collaborate with Clients, build strong relationships and exceed their expectations.

To achieve this objective, we use our comprehensive construction and engineering industry knowledge and legal experience to identify and create the right team, from our extensive global network, to meet a Client’s specific needs.

This focused approach ensures that we provide Clients with practical legal solutions to overcome the challenges they encounter when delivering a construction and engineering project.

John Coghlan


John is a construction and engineering law specialist with over 30 years’ experience, as a sub-contractor and a lawyer, within the construction and engineering industry. He advises on all phases of construction and engineering projects within the UK and internationally.


Prior to becoming a lawyer John worked as a sub-contractor, in the construction and engineering industry within the UK, and has first-hand experience of the practical issues stakeholders encounter on a project.

John’s industry knowledge and legal skills allow him to adopt a pragmatic and commercial approach to procurement, project support, dispute avoidance and resolution in relation to high value and complex construction and engineering projects across the globe.

John advises Government Entities, Employers, Main Contractors, Subcontracts and Consultants, in relation to both contentious and non-contentious matters, upon a broad spectrum of contracts including: FIDIC, NEC and JCT together with several bespoke contracts.

Throughout his legal career John has been involved in a significant number of international projects across the globe including airports, rail, roads, sports stadia, hotels, shopping malls, reclamation works, housing, universities, hospitals, water & power plants and the oil & gas sector.

C&E Consult

We adopt modern day work practices and legal technology. This approach provides access to experienced and highly skilled construction and engineering legal consultants that work on a “project by project” basis.

We identify the legal consultants with the right skill set to fit the Client’s specific needs. This ensures we provide Clients with bespoke legal solutions to overcome the challenges they encounter on a construction and engineering project.

Local Law Firms

Our Network extends to strong relationships with key law firms in all major jurisdictions. We identify the local law firm that best suits a Client’s needs and work together to ensure that we provide the Client with the best outcome to its challenges.

Barristers/Advocates: Construction & Engineering

We have strong relationships with the leading construction and engineering chambers of barristers/advocates. This allows us to identify the barrister/advocate which best suits a Client’s needs and work together to overcome the Client’s challenges and maximise its prospects of success

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