FIDIC’s Contracts and the law of the countries in the Middle East provide Contractors with relief from the adverse impact of the Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) “Situation Report-34” indicates that the new coronavirus (formally named COVID-19) (Coronavirus) has infected over 78,000 people globally and has caused the death of over 2400 people in China. (more…)

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Is correcting the Employer’s errors in its design “design development” or a “Variation”?

Reports indicate that countries within the Middle East (ME) will continue to procure a significant volume of construction and engineering projects to fulfil both event specific milestones, such as Expo2020 in Dubai and the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, and the long term objectives, generally including transforming the country’s economy to become less reliant on fossil fuels, set out within each country’s development plan. (more…)

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Comparative Analysis of the Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in the “FIDIC Red Book 2017” and the “AIAC Standard Form Building Contract 2019”

Earlier in the year the Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC) invited me to provide a Construction and Engineering Law training seminar at its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). (more…)

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English Court’s decision (Oct. 2019) in the Sidra Arbitration highlights the importance of understanding/applying Qatar’s Law

The English Commercial Court’s recent public Judgment ([2019] EWHC 2539), regarding the ongoing arbitration relating to the Sidra Hospital Complex in Qatar, is essential reading for all Construction and Engineering stakeholders operating in the State of Qatar. (more…)

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FIDIC 2017/AIAC 2019: Comparative Analysis

John Coghlan provides a high-level comparative analysis of the Dispute Resolution Mechanisms within the FIDIC Red Book 2017 and the AIAC’s Standard Construction Contract 2019.

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Update on Common Terms in C&E Contracts

John Coghlan provides a legal update on the use of “Reasonable Endeavours” and “Fit for Purpose” terms within construction & engineering contracts.

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Will Qatar’s Law impact stakeholders delivering the FIFA World Cup 2022 and Qatar’s National Vision 2030?

We are pleased, to assist Construction and Engineering industry stakeholders, to share our summary of Qatar Law and insights as to how it may impact a Construction and Engineering contract. (more…)

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ADR Procedures: Qatar Law

John Coghlan discusses the advantages and disadvantages of several Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures, from mediation to arbitration, and their availability for use in State of Qatar to resolve disputes arising from construction and engineering contracts.

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